• 3/30/16 - Newsroom

    Maui County Agricultural Festival at the Maui Tropical Plantation

    The Maui County Agricultural Festival takes place on Saturday, April 2nd at the Maui Tropical Plantation in Waikapū. Stop by and learn what the ag industry and supporters share; but most

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  • 3/29/16 - Newsroom

    Maui County Ag Festival

    Don’t miss out! Saturday, April 2nd 9 am to 4 pm Maui Tropical Plantation

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  • 3/24/16 - Blog

    2016 Ag Awareness Day (Ag Day at the Capitol)

    Aloha Friends and Supporters, On behalf of the Hawaii Farm Bureau, I would like to personally thank you for participating in the “2016 Ag Awareness Day.”  This year was our

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  • 3/24/16 - Newsroom

    HB 2501 Update

    HB 2501 Update HB 2501, HD2 passed the Senate Water, Land, and Agriculture Committee! Thank you for the support! HB 2501, HD2 was amended by: 1) Requiring that a holdover permit

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