• 4/20/17 - Blog, Newsroom

    Farmers need to show face

    No doubt you’ve heard about Saturday’s March for Science, which is gaining traction across the globe. But you may be wondering, as a farmer, what does it have to do

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  • 4/7/17 - Blog, Newsroom

    HFB President Cabral Nominated to Board of Ag

    Big Island cattle rancher and Hawaii Farm Bureau President Randy Cabral has been nominated to an at-large seat on the state Board of Agriculture. The BOA members are appointed by

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  • 4/3/17 - Blog, Newsroom

    Maui Ag Festival a Success

    The Maui County Farm Bureau hosted its 10th Annual Maui Agricultural Festival this past weekend, attracting a crowd of enthusiastic food and farm supporters to the Maui Tropical Plantation in

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  • 3/9/17 - Blog, Newsroom

    HB 790 fails

    The Hawaii House of Representatives today voted to recommit House Bill 790 HD3, which means the wide-ranging pesticide disclosure and regulatory bill is dead for the session. Many thanks to

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  • 3/1/17 - Blog, Newsroom

    AFBF President Duvall Assesses Trump Administration

    “For agriculture, our new president represents a kind of ‘best of times, worst of times’ situation,” Zippy Duvall, president of the American Farm Bureau Federation, said in a recent address

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  • 2/27/17 - Blog, Newsroom

    Agriculture celebrated at Hawaii State Capitol

    Lawmakers and folks who support local farms and ranches gathered for the Hawaii Farm Bureau’s annual “Ag Day” celebration at the state capitol on Feb. 23. The popular event gave

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  • 2/24/17 - Blog, Newsroom

    The root of the pesticide debate

    By Rep. Lynn DeCoite The use of pesticides in Hawaii is getting very close scrutiny in the state Legislature this session. As the vice chair of the House Agriculture Committee,

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  • 2/13/17 - Blog, Newsroom

    Lege advances pesticide bills

    The Hawaii Legislature this week advanced many bills that, if ultimately enacted, will affect how farmers may use pesticides, or if they can use them at all. HFB supports a

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  • 2/1/17 - Blog, Newsroom

    HFB at the State Capitol

    The Hawaii Farm Bureau is working with legislators this session to introduce and pass more than a dozen bills to support agriculture. Each county Farm Bureau identified the requests as

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