Location: The Blaisdell Arena Parking Lot on the corner of Ward Ave. and Kapiolani Blvd. The Concert Hall Lawn is on the corner of King St. and Ward Ave.

FREE PARKING: Mention you are attending the Farmers’ Market between 4pm-7pm and park for free.

Please come and join us for fresh local produce, assorted breads, local honey, plants, food, and Music, every Wednesday from 4pm – 7pm fronting the Concert Hall on the corner of Ward Ave. and King St.

The Honolulu Farmers’ Market now accepting EBT/SNAP

AUGUST 15, 2018

Music By: Duff Kelly


(NEW) Vida Farms: Scott and his family brings you locally made fire roasted pizza with all local veggies from their farm in Waimanalo.

(NEW) Anuenue Exquisite Tea:

(NEW) Pono Brand Foods:

Orchid Isle Snacks: Serving the thinnest and crispiest all local beef jerky straight from the Big Island!

Sasa Gourmet: Gourmet summer rolls with tofu, shrimp, pork, or beef. All made with local ingredients.

Alex Products Farm: 3 Farms located in Mililani, Kunia, and Kahuku this family-run farm grows a variety of Asian vegetables and herbs, green onions, cucumber, Manoa lettuce, tomatoes, bittermelon, American and Italian parsley, apple bananas, papayas, and locally grown carrots, kale, tomatoes, papaya, a variety of green beans and much more.

Aikane Plantation Coffee: Serves fresh Ka’u coffee and sells their roasted beans by the bag.  Coffee grown in the Kau region of the Big Island has been garnering major awards in the coffee world, come by and taste for yourself why.

Mochi Lab:  Specialty Gourmet Butter Mochi made with locally sourced ingredients.  Mochi Lab bakes their butter mochi in a muffin form that is moist, fluffy, complimented with a delicious crust with a unique filling baked into each cake.  A Must Try Item!

(ON HIATUS) Istanbul Restaurant: Brings an Artisanal Mediterranean cuisine using locally sourced ingredients and made with Aloha.

Beyond Burgers and Burritos Hawaii: Bringing Burritos and Quesadillas.   Jonathan sources his ingredients locally from Kulana Foods, Shinsato Farm, Ka lei Eggs, Maui Sugar, Nalo Farms, Ma’o Farms, Sugarland Farms, Aloun Farm, Hāmākua Springs County Farm, Ho Farms, Maui Farmers, Kula Farms.  A must try item is his quesadillas.

Guava Smoked: Shinsato Farm island-raised pork smoked with Guava wood.  Local Smoked Meat burger, kebabs and frozen packages of smoked meat.

Akamai Foods: Chef Sharon brings her famous oatcakes:  Date & Flax Seed, Cranberry & Walnut, Mango & Pumpkin with Pecan. Sharon also brings her gourmet tofu steak musabi made with brown rice.  She features a variety of rare seasonal tropical juice.

Son Farm: A small family run farm located in Pearl City they will be bringing watercress, taro, green onion, round onion, eggplant, cucumbers, bell peppers, choi sum, pak choi, kai choi, assort lettuce, celery, bananas, papaya, pineapple, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, radish, kale, bitter melon and much more.

Petit Suisse Crepes: Create crepes straight from the farms. Using local ingredients eggs, honey, cheese veggies and fruits. A must try item.

(NEW) Green & Fit Mama: Health foods from raw vegan bars to tumeric.

Ono Kettle Pop: Delicious Kettle Popcorn combined with a variety of Hawaiian grown ingredients. Some of the flavors include island pop, cinnamon toast pop, Mexican pop, Hawaii red pop and much more.

Hawaiian Style Chili Company: Dinner Plates – A must try item is there Seared Ahi Steak plate, Kalua Pork, Garlic Shrimp, Gourmet Chili.

All Hawaiian Honey: Honey and honey products from Windward harvested All-Hawaiian Honey and more.

(ON HIATUS) No Ka’oi Cookie Co.: Freshly baked goodies from brownies and cookies to everything in between.

Ono Kuki: A wide assortment of fresh baked cookies, including crazy local favorites. Ono Kuki supports Peterson Upland Farm by using their eggs in the cookie recipes!

Olay Thai: Vegetarian Pad Thai Noodles, Lemongrass fried chicken, Assort Curries, Papaya Salad, Banana Tapioca, and much more with all locally sourced ingredients.

Sweet Revenge: Kathy bakes up some awesome pies using seasonal fruits and veggies grown locally.  Her featured pie will be her Mango Pie.  Ingredients Locally Sourced-Ho Farm, Peterson Farm, Aloun Farm, Waialua Chocolate, Naked Cow Dairy, and Wow Farm.

Pig and the Lady: Chef Andrew, Mama Le, and family changes their menu at each Market please visit pigandthelady.com for tonight’s menu.

Hawaiian Fuinki: Brining Kauai Grown super tea powders! Tasty & healthy, you can’t go wrong. Stop by and try Naikela’s teas.

T & N Farms: 5-acre farm growing red and yellow grapes tomatoes, okra, long bean, green onion, radishes(China rose, helios, purple plum, easter egg, watermelon, delta, bora king, cherry bulb, white icicle, chunky, and sparkler), assort. kale. swiss chard, papayas, bananas, bean shoots, collard green, rainbow carrots, beets, chili pepper leaves, wing beans, dill, and turnip.

Thoune HongPhao Farm: bringing cucumbers, eggplant, Kale, long bean, bitter melon, bitter melon leaves, bananas, Okra, tomatoes, avocado, green onion, onions, and much more.

J. Ludovico Farm: will feature locally raised, pastured, ready to cook Fresh Island Chicken. They also will have Thai ginger, bananas, honey.

Pacifikool: Coolers made with their signature Hawaiian ginger syrup, fruit, and herbs. Also, get their bottle of syrup to go!

Kahumana Organic Farm: Located in Waianae, Farmer Tom McDonald grows lettuce, carrots, leafy greens, beets, radishes, kalo, kalamunguy, beans, eggplants, okra, fruits, and herbs – all organically certified.

(ON HIATUS) Papi’s Empanadas: Chef Nelo makes Argentinian Empanadas with all locally sourced ingredients.