Featuring a Chinese Lion Dance on February 24, 2018!!!

Location: The Kapiolani Community College Campus in parking lot C .

Please come and join us for fresh local produce, assorted breads, local honey, plants, food, and Music, every Saturday from 7:30am – 11am in the Kapiolani Community College Campus in parking lot C .

FEBRUARY 24, 2018

Music by: Val Vasquez


1. HFB Booth: KCC Farmers’ Market merchandise.

2. Give it Fresh: Donate leftover produce to the less unfortunate.


1. Two Hot Tomatoes: Fried green tomatoes, deep fried zucchini, sweet Maui onion rings, Two Hot Tomatoes batter mix, tomato chutney, and green tomato jam.

2. Little Hands Hawaii: Sunscreen made with locally sourced ingredients, free of nano zinc oxide.  It won’t absorb into your skin or leak non-toxics to marine life.

3. Akaka Falls Farm: Tropical fruit jams, jellies, and fruit butters.

4. (On Hiatus) Sweet Revenge: Specialty pies!

5. Andy’s Bueno Salsa: Refreshing salsa made from all locally sourced ingredients.

6. Otsuji Farms: Variety of greens, beets, lettuces, herbs, kale veggie fruit juices, kale sliders, sweet potato banana fritters, and a Hamakua mushroom tempura. Now serving Kimchi poke bowls!

7. Nita’s Nursery: Beautiful cut tropical flowers.

8. Dina’s Garden: Specializing in rare and exotic plants and plant arrangements. Also Serving refreshing lemonades, and other special and unique drinks made with Hawaii-grown ingredients

9. Vilath Farms: Asian greens and herbs, squash, Manoa lettuce, tomatoes, bittermelons, apple bananas, melons, papayas and more.

10. Olay Thai: Thai food made with locally sourced ingredients.  Featuring vegetarian pad Thai noodles, lemon grass fried chicken, assorted curries, sa-tay BBQ sticks, spring rolls, papaya salad, banana tapioca, and much more.

11. Grace Foods: Takoyaki with Kauai Shrimp.

12. Waimanalo Country Farms: Famous lemonade serving your way: strawberry, li hing and much more, all served in a special jars.

13. Aikane Plantation Coffee: Coffee grown in Ka’u, Big Island that has been garnering major awards in the coffee world. Come by and taste for yourself.

14. Penny’s Orchids: Orchid plants or local-style breakfast and lunch plates.


1. Kihene: Hawaiian herbal teas are grown on the Big Island.

2. (On Hiatus) SKA Tropicals: Apple Banana and Frozen apple bananas (on a stick or sliced up, dipped in chocolate). Grab your locally grown cut flowers for any occasion.

3. PIT Farm: Family run farms located in Mililani and Kahuku, offering a large variety of Asian vegetables, herbs, fruits and much more.

4. Ho Farms: Offers a wide array of cherry tomatoes: Black Cherry, Kahuku Golden, Grape Toms, and more!

5. Milner Farm: Kales, chards, Tokyo negi, and assorted vegetables.

6. La Tour Bakehouse (formerly known as Ba-Le Bakery): From breads to ono goodies and much more.


1. All Hawaiian Honey: Honey and honey products harvested from Windward Oahu, Big Island and Molokai.

2. Big Island Abalone: fresh, cooked, and hibachi Big Island abalone.

3. Theng’s Farm: a large variety of Asian vegetables, papaya, bananas

4. Pig & the Lady: Chef Andrew, Mama Le and family changes their menu at each Market please visit pigandthelady.com for tonight’s menu.

5. Small Kine: Crimini and Portobello mushrooms are grown fresh in Waimanalo.

6. Lei Farms: A 10-acre farm growing a large variety of local produce. They also serve fresh sugar cane juice!

7. (NEW) Eggs Hawaii: Fresh from Waianae, Iris brings you local eggs.

8. Petit Suisse Crepes: Crepes straight from the farms, always using local ingredients such as eggs, honey, cheese, veggies and fruits.

9. Growing Creations: Bringing a diverse range of potted plants.

10. Kamuela Tomatoes: A variety of sweet and juicy tomatoes.

11. Paniolo Popcorn: Freshly popped popcorn with local Hawaiian sea salt.


1. North Shore Cattle Co.: Naturally raised, hormone-free beef from Haleiwa; all beef Portuguese and andouille sausages; grilled burgers, & breakfast specials.

2. Hawaiian Style Chili Co.: Homemade chili and rice, sauces, spice mixes, prune mui, taro mochi, & garlic shrimp plates.

3. Small Kine: Locally grown portobello mushroom burgers.

4. Grandma G’s: Grandma G’s famous fried rice (regular or kimchee), served with Peterson’s Upland Farm eggs and Redondo Portuguese sausage, bacon, or smoked sausage. You can also try Grandma G’s sweet bread French toast.

5. Manoa Kitchen: All products made with Ulu. Try ulu flour for your baking.

7. Papi’s Empanadas: Chef Nelo makes Argentine Empanadas made with locally sourced ingredients.

8. Nosh: Serves Pao de queijo (Brazilian Cheese Bread).

9. KCC Culinary: Delicious baked goods and more.

9. Thai Farmers Association: Kunia farmers selling their assorted produce.


1. Honey Girl Organics: Featuring an organic honey skincare line.

2. Big Island Bees: Sweet local honey from local bee hives.

3. (On Hiatus) Nalo Meli: Beekeeper Howard brings his Windward harvested honey and other local honey products.

4. Aloha Tree: Tasty mac nuts locally sourced.

5.  NS Farm’s Tea Time: 30 min. tea with North Shore farms.

6. (On Hiatus) Pang’s Nursery: Special for this week, they are bringing cut protea bunches fresh from the Big Island!

7. (On Hiatus) Olomana Tropicals: Assorted tropical plants and bromeliads.

8.  Haleahi Floral Nursery: A nursery from Waianae featuring assorted plants

9.  Greenpoint Nursery: Cut flowers and anthurium plants.

10.  Hawaiian Crown Pineapple: Local pineapple, always fresh (whole or cut), fresh Pineapple juices and smoothies.


1. Koko Crater Coffee Roasters: Fresh Island brewed coffee.

2. Aloun Farms: A variety of locally grown fruits and vegetables.

3. Nalo Farms: Nalo Farm located in Waimanalo features a large variety of veggies.

4. Akamai Foods: Fresh Island granola and more.

5. T&N Farms: 5 acre farm growing a large variety of unusual produce.

6. Ahualoa Farms: Features macadamia nuts with 15 different flavors from lilikoi to sea salt.

7. Hawaiian Chip Co.: The original taro and sweet potato chips. Try the assorted flavors or secret garlicy salt too!

8. Kahuku Farms: Fresh island papaya, apple banana, eggplant and more.

9. Otsuji Farm’s Kimchi Poke Bowl: New product, Ono kimchi poke bowl!

10. Ulu Mana: Ulu hummus made with locally grown ulu. Also serving ulu chips and fries.

11.  Alii Seafood Co.: Featuring locally caught Ama Ebi.  

12. North Shore Farm/Big Wave Tomatoes: Famous grilled pesto pizza featuring Big Wave tomatoes and a variety of sprouts too, when we’re lucky.

13. PacifiKool: Island Ginger Ale, different from what you’d expect.

14. Honolulu Burger Company: Serving up sliders and french fries from locally sourced ingredients.

15. Hawaii’s Best Ever Nuts and Candy: Mary the Nut Lady brings her line of gourmet seasoned baked nuts, candied fruit and nougats.

16. Thoune HongPhao Farm: Brings cucumbers, eggplant, long bean, bitter melon, bananas, okra and much more.

17. Sea Salts of Hawaii: A variety of Hawaiian sea salts.

18. Daizu Tei: Loaded acai bowls made with locally made soy milk, soft serve, and even black bean natto!

19. (NEW) Mochi Lab: Specialty mochi baked goodies made with local ingredients.

20. Papi’s Empanadas: Chef Nelo makes Argentine Empanadas made with locally sourced ingredients.

21. Ono Pops: Gourmet popsicles made with locally sourced ingredients.

22. Hibachi: Serving fresh island poke made with local ahi and yummy bentos.

23. Happy Cakes: Specialty fruitcakes.

24. Kukui Sausage: Original and specialty Portuguese sausages.