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January 25, 2018

As the 2018 twenty-ninth legislative session commences, Hawaii Farm Bureau would like to provide you a list of our priorities.Organized since 1948, The Hawaii Farm Bureau is comprised of 1,900 farm family members statewide and serves as Hawaii’s voice of agriculture to protect, advocate and advance the social, economic and educational interests of our diverse agricultural community.

We develop our package collaboratively calling upon member participation from all corners of the State. We’ve developed a scoring system by which we prioritize our initiatives. We work hard to communicate effectively with our members, our partners, and lawmakers. We strive to be as open and inclusive as possible while remaining nimble and managing our resources for maximum efficiency.

We thank you for your support and look forward to strengthening the agricultural sector in Hawaii now and for generations to come.

HFB 2018 Priorities:

Hawai‘i Association of Conservation Districts (#1 HFB Priority)
SB 2561 / HB 2101. Appropriates funds from the special land and development fund to the Department of Land and Natural Resources for the operational expenses and staffing costs of the Hawai‘i Association of Conservation Districts.

Important Agriculture Lands Tax Credit Extention (#2 HFB Priority)
SB 2729 / SB 2074 /HB 2302. Extending through the 2028 tax year, the time that the Department of Agriculture may certify important agricultural lands qualified agricultural costs.

Rose-ringed Parakeet (#3 HFB Priority)
SB 2566 / HB 2081. Appropriates funds to the DLNR to provide assistance and supplemental funding to the National Wildlife Research Center of the U.S. Department of Agriculture to conduct pilot field studies to evaluate control tools and develop a management plan to reduce the rose-ringed parakeet population on Kauai.

Farm Equipment Tax Exemption (#4 HFB Priority)
SB 2565 / HB 2462. Exempts sales of farm equipment and machinery to certain producers of agricultural products from the general excise tax.

Agriculture Workforce Development (#5 HFB Priority)
SB 2563 / HB 2115. Appropriates funds to the department of labor and industrial relations for the K-12 agriculture workforce development pipeline initiative.

Agriculture Grant Program (#6 HFB Priority)
SB 2562 / HB 2105. Appropriates funds to the Department of Agriculture for the establishment and administration of the Agriculture Grant Program to support local food production in the State.

Waiahole Irrigation(#7 HFB Priority)
SB 2564 / HB 1976. Authorizes the issuance of general obligation bonds and appropriates funds to finance capital improvements to the Waiahole Irrigation System.

CTAHR Ornamental Extension Agent(#8 HFB Priority)
SB 2836 / HB 1968Appropriates funds to the UH college of tropical agriculture and human resources cooperative extension service for one full-time ornamental plant extension agent.

Farm to Plate (Resolution) (#9 HFB Priority)
Requires the department of agriculture, subject to the allocation of funding, to establish an agricultural 2030 investment program and a farm to plate program. Specifies requirements for a strategic plan. Appropriates funds to the department of agriculture to initiate the programs.