Farmers’ Market at Ala Moana

Ala Moana Farmers’ Market please come and join us for fresh local produce/assort breads/local honey, plants,  food, and Music, every Sunday mornings from 9am-12pm on the Main Mall Level 2, Mauna Side parking lot fronting Genki Sushi

Aloha & Welcome

The Ala Moana Farmers’ Market

Tip Sheet Sunday, July 23, 2017

We are open Every Sunday from 9:00am-12:00pm

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Music By: D. Shoji Nakamoto

Featured Vendors:

PIT Farm/Alex Produce Wagon: a family run farm located in Kahuku and another in Mililani offering a large variety of Asian vegetables and herbs, green onions, cucumber, assort lettuce, tomatoes, bittermelon, parsley, assort bananas, papayas, and carrots, assort kale, assort tomatoes, seasonal fruit and much more

Pig and The Lady:  Vietnamese Street Food made with locally sourced ingredients. Chef Andrew, Mama Le and family changes their menu at each Market please go to for today’s menu.

Waimanalo Country Farms: Famous lemonade, strawberry lemonade and li hing lemonade and much more served in a special jar and when ready to harvest they have fresh day-of-the-market harvested Super Sweet Dakota corn

Grandma G’s: Grandma G’s famous fried rice regular or kimchee.   Served with Peterson’s Upland Farm eggs with Redondo portugese sausage, bacon, or smoked sausage you can also try Granda G’s Sweet Bread French Toast also serving assorted plate lunch.

T & N Farms: 5 acre farm growing red and yellow grapes tomatoes, okra, long bean, green onion, radishes(china rose, helios, purple plum, easter egg, watermelon, delta, bora king, cherry belb, white icicle, chunky, and sparkler), assort. kale. swiss chard, papayas, bananas, bean shoots, collard green, rainbow carrots, beets, chili pepper leaves, wing beans, dill, and turnip.

Lum Farm: an assortment of gluten free baked goods, potted plants, Dried Fruit, and Assorted Sorbets made with local fruit from their Farm.

Beyond Burgers: will be Bringing there breakfast burrito a must try item and Kulana Grass-fed Burgers.

Small Kine Farm:  Small Kine Farm is located in Waimanalo.  Fresh just harvested Crimini and Portobello mushrooms.

Bale Bakery/La Tour Bakehouse: 100% whole wheat bread, ciabatta, Almond croissants, apple turnovers, baguette(french, garlic, multigrain, olive, rosemary, sourdough), banana bread, brown rice bread, brownies, chocolate almond swirl, chocolate cherry crisp, chocolate cherry loaf, chocolate croissants, cinnamon palmer, cinnamon puff, cinnamon raisin loaf, cinnamon rolls, cookies, cranberry crisp, cranberry walnut loaf, assort danish, dark rye loaf, dinner rolls, Finnish rye loaf, granola, sweet bread, macaroons, scones, sesame bread, assort lavish, spelt and much more.

Ho Farms: A Farm located in Kahuku they offer a wide array of cherry tomatoes:  Black Cherry, Kahuku Golden, Grape Toms, and more!  Eggplant, long beans and squash too.

Once Again: A nursery in Waimanalo creates small gardens of succulents or other easy care plants in “re-pur-posed” vessels such as spam cans, eggshells, teacups and much more.

Nalo LIFE: Nalo Greens, Dandelion Greens, Braising Greens, Baby Kale (less cooking time for you), Baby Swiss Chard, Tat Soi, (their sub for spinach), Purslane, Okra, Baby Eggplant, fresh cut herbs, Nalo’s Morimoto Tomato (smaller), Nalo Tomato. In addition to their own farm offerings, they also sell produce from other farms – Sumida Watercress, Kamiya Papaya, Fat Law Baby Cucumber, Nozawa Corn, Ho Farm tomato, just to name a few.

Hibachi serving fresh island poke made with local ahi, locally grown grape tomato kabobs, steak plates made with kulana beef and homemade cucumber kimchee from Pit Farm, you also have to try his barbecue kulana beef sticks.  Come early Mark sells out.

Mochi Lab: Specialty Gourmet Butter Mochi made with locally sourced ingredients. Mochi Lab bakes their butter mochi in a muffin form that is moist, fluffy, complimented with a delicious crust with a unique filling baked into each cake. A Must Try Item!

Ono Kettle Pop: Delicious Kettle Popcorn combined with a variety of Hawaiian grown ingredients. Some of the flavors include island pop, cinnamon toast pop, Mexican pop, Hawaii red pop and much more.

Thoune HongPhao Farm: A 10 acre farm located in laie brings cucumbers, eggplant, long bean, bitter melon, bananas, Okra, kale, tomatoes, lettuce, green mango, onions, papaya, lychee, pineapple and much more

Hanalei Taro Co.: The Haraguchi Taro Farm is located on the island of Kauai. Hanalei Taro will feature Fresh Taro, Poi, Taro Humus, Taro Mochi, and a must try item is their Hanalei Kulolo. Yum!

Ahualoa Farm: Located on the Hamakua Coast on the Big Island features Macadamia Nuts with 15 different flavors from Lilikoi to Sea Salt. Akaka Falls Farm/Honomu Jams: Rare Tropical fruit jams, jellies, fruit butters, honey.  Made from their fruit farm located on the top of Akaka Falls on the Big Island

North Shore Farms LLC dba BWT: on hiatus

Son Farm a small family run farm located in Pearl City they will be bringing watercress, taro, green onion, round onion, eggplant, cucumbers, bell peppers, choi sum, pak choi, kai choi, assort lettuce, celery, bananas, papaya, pineapple, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, radish, kale, bitter melon and much more

SKA Tropicals: Nursery located in Kahalu’u growing torch ginger, olena, heliconia and other tropical flowers, floral arrangements, apple bananas. A must try item is Stan’s Chocolate covered apple Bananas try it with rainbow sprinkle or mac nuts.

Kihene: on hiatus will be back next week

All Hawaiian Honey: Honey and honey products from Windward harvested All-Hawaiian Honey and more