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Kailua @ Night

5 - 7:30 PM
609 Kailua Rd
(Parking lot by Longs) Map ]
Bus ] Routes #56, 57, 57A

Please come and join us  Every Thursday night from 5-7:30pm at the Kailua Town Center fronting Longs and Pier-1 Imports 

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The Kailua Farmers’ Market

Tip Sheet for December 11, 2014

Featured Vendors:

Featured Farm: Marine Agrifuture Sea Asparagus: Dr. Sun’s famous Kahuku grown sea asparagus.  Fresh or powdered form. Prepared Sea Asparagus in sushi, and tomato lomi style.  Aquacultured ogo also available.

NEW Vendor Once Again: A nursery in Waimanalo creates small gardens of succulents or other easy care plants in “re-pur-posed” vessels such as spam cans, eggshells, teacups and much more. 

Scheduled Vendors:

- Row A -

Vilath Farm: Asian greens and herbs, squash, Manoa lettuce, tomatoes, bittermelon, apple bananas, melons, papayas and other fruits, vegetables and much more

Bueno Salsa:  Salsa’s and pickles made from all locally sourced ingredients.

Nalo Meli: Beekeeper Howard McGinnis of Nalo Meli brings his raw, local honey and handmade honey soaps to the market.

Keopu Coffee: 100% Kona coffee, whole bean and ground, organic and peaberry available

Ahualoa Farm: Is a pesticide free Macadamia Nut Farm located on the Hamakua Coast on the Big Island.  Ahualoa Farm Features Macadamia Nuts with 15 different flavors from Lilikoi to Sea Salt.

NEW Hawaii Fish Co: Fresh local Fish.  Featured fish this week is local Mahi and local Ahi.  They will also feature their fish sausages a must try item made with local ahi and opah just warm up and eat.

NEW Once Again: A nursery in Waimanalo creates small gardens of succulents or other easy care plants in “re-pur-posed” vessels such as spam cans, eggshells, teacups and much more.

Just Add Water: Organically grown veggies and fruit from a variety of local organic farmers.

Aunty Nani’s: Cookies

Madre Chocolate: Chocolates made in Kailua from locally-sourced cacao and featuring locally sourced ingredients.  They also incorporate cacao grown on sustainable operations in Central America as well.

Sweet Revenge: Kathy will be featuring her Meyer Lemon Crunch Pie made with locally grown meyer lemons and her Ghost Pepper Honey Apple Banana Pie made Locally grown ghost peppers, local honey, and local apple bananas. Ingredients Locally Sourced-Ho Farm, Peterson Farm, Aloun Farm, Waialua Chocolate, Naked Cow Dairy, and Wow Farm.

Cold Fyyre: handmade ice cream created with locally sourced ingredients starting with cream from the Big Island.  Flavored with local fruit, local coffee, local chocolate and more.  By the scoop or in their famous cookie sandwich confections.

SKY Kombucha: Brings there locally crafted Kombucha drinks. Ingredients locally sourced from Pit Farm, Waianu Farm, Green Row Farm, and Ma’o Farms. To provide customers with authentic, locally grown, raw and natural Kombucha on tap. Flavors include: mango, pumpkin, watermelon.

La Tour Bakehouse: (formerly known as Ba-Le Bakery) Artisan breads and baked goods.

Growing Creations: On hiatus

- Row B -

Ono Pops: Gourmet paletas (popsicle like goodness) with locally sourced ingredients like Naked Cow Dairy milk, island cacao chocolate, Big Island grown match green tea, local seasonal fruits and herbs. Currently more than 26 flavors and the list keeps growing!

Akaka Falls Farm/Honomu Jams: Rare Tropical fruit jams, jellies, fruit butters, honey.  Made from their fruit farm located on the top of Akaka Falls on the Big Island

North Shore Farm: Pickled crops, Tomato Jam and Carrot Cake Jam. Rare Find…Green Tomato Pie’s & Tarts and Jeane’s famous Grilled Pesto Pizza featuring Big Wave tomatoes

Hawaiian Style Chili Company: Dinner Plates – Seared Ahi Steak and Shiitake, Kalua Pork, Garlic Shrimp, Gourmet Chili and taro mochi

North Shore Cattle Co.: naturally raised hormone free beef from Haleiwa; all beef Portuguese and andouille sausages; grilled burgers, breakfast specials

Marine Agrifuture Sea Asparagus: Dr. Sun’s famous Kahuku grown sea asparagus.  Fresh or powdered form. Prepared Sea Asparagus in sushi, and tomato lomi style.  Aquacultured ogo also available.

Nalo LIFE:  Nalo Greens, Dandelion Greens, Braising Greens, Baby Kale (less cooking time for you), Baby Swiss Chard, Tat Soi, (their sub for spinach), Purslane, Okra, Baby Eggplant, fresh cut herbs, Nalo’s Morimoto Tomato (smaller), Nalo Tomato. In addition to their own farm offerings, they also sell produce from other farms – Sumida Watercress, Kamiya Papaya, Fat Law Baby Cucumber, Nozawa Corn, Ho Farm tomato, just to name a few.

Da Spot: Egyptian, Mediterranean and Thai inspired dinner plates. Baklava drizzled with local honey too!

Beyond Burgers: will be Bringing there Kulana Grass-fed Burgers.  Try there Specialty Burger with caramelized Maui sweet onions & crumbled applewood smoked bacon in a savory BBQ sauce, topped off with Nalo baby arugula and roasted garlic aioli sauce.    They also have a Bacon Swiss Burger, Portobello Mushroom Sandwich, and a 1K Burger.  Jonathan sources his ingredients locally from Kulana Foods, Shinsato Farm, Ka lei Eggs, Maui Sugar, Nalo Farms, Ma’o Farms, Sugarland Farms, Aloun Farm, Hamakua Springs County Farm, Ho Farms, Maui Farmers, Kula Farms.

Grandma G’s serving up Pan Seared Opakapaka,  Grilled Garlic Sirloin, Grilled Teriyaki Sirloin and other specials- all with Nalo Greens and your choice of brown or white rice

Vixaysack Farm: a variety of parsley, cilantro, cabbages, onions, green onion, bananas, cucumbers, tomatoes, papayas, pineapple, soy beans, and melons, seasonal fruit, sweet potato, choi sum, bok choi, egg plant, bitter melon and much, much more.

- Row C -

Hawaii’s Best Ever Nuts and Candy: Mary the Nut Lady brings her line of gourmet seasoned baked nuts, candied fruit and nougats.  Macadamia, almonds, walnuts, pecans – she baked them up and toffees each batch fresh, her nougats too, with locally-sourced seasonings like honey, Maui Cane sugar, Naked Cow Dairy, Kona coffee, Hawaiian sea salts.

Onda Pasta: Onda Pasta combines local produce and local eggs with Italian pasta flour and offers products for you to take home and prepare or Onda Pasta can create a dish for you at the Farmers’ Market. Onda Pasta offers Fresh Pasta, Sauces, and Deserts.

Petit Suisse Crepes: Crystal and Mehdi create crepes straight from the farms.  Using local ingredients eggs, honey, cheese veggies and fruits.  A must try item

India Cafe:  Indian curry and specialties using all locally sourced ingredients

Honolulu Burger Company: Ken will be serving up Mauna Kea Mountain Oyster Po’boys served with chips w/pineapple salsa, chipotle mayo. locally sourced from Big Island, Mari’s Garden, Aloun, Sugarland Farm.

Otsuji Farm: Family-run farm in Hawaii Kai, brings a variety of greens and other vegetables. Also serving up Chef Jonas Otsuji’s famous Sushi Surfer Sliders: tempura eggplant or kale topped with spicy ahi and special drizzle.

Olay Thai: Vegetarian Pad Thai Noodles, Papaya Salad, Banana Tapioca, and much more with all locally sourced ingredients.

Pig and The Lady:  Chef Andrew, Mama Le and family changes their menu at each Market please visit pigandthelady.com for tonight’s menu.

- Row D -

Guava Smoked: Shinsato Farm island-raised pork smoked with Guava wood.  Local Smoked Meat burger, kebabs and frozen packages of smoked meat.

Hibachi serving fresh island poke made with local ahi, locally grown grape tomato kabobs, steak plates made with kulana beef and homemade cucumber kimchee from Pit Farm, you also have to try his barbecue kulana beef sticks.  Come early Mark sells out

Waiahole Valley Farm: Brings with them apple banana, cooking banana, guava, kalamansi, avocados, papaya, limes, sweet potato, pumpkin, long squash, bread fruit and much more.

Waimanalo Country Farms:  Serves there famous lemonade, strawberry lemonade and li hing lemonade al served in a special jar.

Penny’s Orchids:  orchid plants

- Row E -

No Ka’oi Cookie Co.: Baking her delicious scones and Lovash, cookies, mochi, assort bars, brownies, banana bread and much much more.

Bonfire:  Brings with them homemade fudge.

Licious Dishes brings raw, vegan, gluten-free eats: Pad Thai Salad, Lasagna, Three Layer Dip, Chocolate Ganache, Kombucha Love Potion, Grainless Granola, Nori Kale, Date Manna Bars and More!

Small Kine Farm Fung Yang of Small Kine Farm makes his market debut tonight with his Waimanalo grown Crimini and Portobello mushrooms.

Hanalei Taro Company: Fresh from the Farm Taro, poi and kulolo, taro mochi from the Haraguchi Farm on Kauai.

Row G:

Pit Farm brings a huge variety of seasonal fruit, vegetables, herbs and specialty asian greens. You can find anything at their booth from cosmic carrots to the occasional batch of mangosteen! Val the farmer is at their booth every Wednesday, he can answer any questions you might have.

Mari’s Garden:  Aquaponic Organically Certified beats, assorted lettuce, tomatoes, arugula, kale, watercress, cilantro, cucumbers, blueberries, potted flowering plants and ornamentals, fruit trees

SKA Tropicals: torch ginger, olena, heliconia and other tropical flowers, floral arrangements

Music By: D. Shoji Nakamoto