Message to Hawaii’s Congressional Delegation Relating to Budget Deal Impacts on Crop Insurance


I’m writing to let you know that Hawaii’s farmers are opposed to the budget deal that would negatively impact the crop insurance program.

 In a climate where droughts and major storm events are commonplace and ever more threatening, the crop insurance program is more important than ever, evidenced by numerous recent examples.

 Farmers are willing to do their part, but balancing the budget on the backs of farmers, while at the same time burdening them with ever increasing regulations like FSMA and WOTUS, does not demonstrate support for some of the hardest working members of our society. These regulations coupled with cuts to the crop insurance program will impact small farmers the most. Let’s remember that Hawaii’s remoteness makes us especially vulnerable. Please support the numerous efforts to increase local crop production and food security.

 Please show your support for farmers, ranchers and local crop production by negotiating and voting in the interest of Hawaii’s agricultural community.


Christopher A. Manfredi

Vice President

Chair, Government Affairs

Hawaii Farm Bureau Federation